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Our ReStore is growing fast and we need voluteers just as much as we need our donors and shoppers!


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Note to Volunteers

Due to the ongoing spread of Coronovirus, our ReStore is not currently entertaining volunteer service from the community.  Please note that we desperately need our volunteers to provide as much financial support as possible for our home building projects, so we would love to hear from you if you are interested so we may contact you when we feel it is prudent to have our volunteer community to rejoin us.

Please Call Us To Register Your Interest:

put your talents to work at the restore

From customer service to furniture repair, our ReStore offers a multitude of volunteer opportunities geared toward your individual interests and skills.  By giving your time, you help our Habitat ReStore do more to support building projects that benefit families in Camden County.

Volunteers provide support to our ReStore in a wide variety of ways.  Our ReStore is growing and we need voluteers just as much as we need our donors and shoppers.  We strive to keep operating costs as low as possible to maximize the amount of money that goes directly to benefit our Camden County community, and volunteers are critically needed.  Volunteers also help ensure our ReStore is a great experience for donors and shoppers.

There Are Many Ways You Can Help...

Volunteer Opportunities at the ReStore

There are many ways to volunteer at our Habitat ReStore in Pennsauken. Our volunteer needs vary frequently, but the following are common ways you can help our ReStore:

Are You a People-Person?

If you like meeting people, we are always looking for outgoing volunteers to:

  • Help with customer service
  • Help out on our Donations Dock
  • Help shoppers at the Register
  • Assist shoppers in the showroom

Do you like "hands-on" work?

If you enjoy working with your hands, we can always use help:

  • Unloading trucks
  • Repairing and Refurbishing furniture
  • Helping at our Donations Dock
  • Organizing the ReStore showroom

Are You the Creative Type?

If you love making an impression, we’d love to capture your creativity:  

  • Create decorative displays to enhance the shopper experience
  • Develop ReUse projects for store merchandise
  • Do fun DIY projects to enhance store decor

Do You Love To Be Organized?

If you like order in your life, we can always use people with an eye for detail to assist with merchandising: 

  • Stocking store shelves
  • Pricing inventory
  • Creating and maintaining merchandising displays
  • Organizing and maintaining the sales floor

If You Want To Get Involved, Contact a Volunteer Coordinator today at:

If You Want To Get Involved, Contact a Volunteer Coordinator today at: