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Your donations keep us building!  Donate goods to our Habitat for Humanity ReStore to clear clutter and make a difference in Camden County.


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Take advantage of our free donation pick up service or visit our Habitat for Humanity ReStore Donation Center to donate your gently used furniture, used appliances, housewares, home improvement supplies, and surplus building supplies.

Our ReStore relies on donations from community residents and local businesses for our resale showroom merchandise, so your donations provide critical support for our mission to build decent and affordable housing for our community.  Plus, your donation is tax deductible and diverts waste from our local landfills.

Drop Off Your Donation

Bring your reusable items to our Donation Center and make a difference in your community today!

Schedule a FREE Pickup

Need help with larger items?  Our donation teams can remove donations right from your home…no need to move heavy items to the curb.

Why Donate to the ReStore?

Remodeling, cleaning out, downsizing or just getting organized?  There are many great reasons to consider donating your excess furniture, appliances, household goods and building materials to the Habitat ReStore:

  • Donations keep us building!  Proceeds from our ReStore help us build homes. 
  • Donations help local families.  The money our ReStore raises stays right here in Camden County.
  • Donations are tax deductible.  You may actually save money when you donate to the ReStore.
  • Donations are good for the environment.  Donations keep tons of reusable items out of local landfills.
  • Donations are easy and FREE!  Drop your reusable items off, or we’ll even pick it up for FREE.  

To see a list of the items we accept and review our donation guidelines:

Accepted Items and Donation Guidelines

We kindly ask that all donated items are clean, in good working order, and complete.  Please review the guidelines below for each item category and click the “+” for more detailed information.  Guidelines may change without notice.

Accepted:  Less than 10 years old, clean, in good working order, and no missing parts.  Please include owner’s manual if available.

  • Washers / Dryers
  • Ovens / Ranges
  • Cooktops
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Air Conditioners (window and condenser units)
  • Outdoor Grills

Not Accepted:

  • Dish Washers

Accepted:  Must have all doors, drawers, and shelves.

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Commercial Cabinetry

Not Accepted:  Water damaged or soiled cabinets, no missing doors or drawers.

Accepted:  Straight countertops in neutral colors, 10 sq. ft. min.

Not Accepted:  Water damaged, no cut-outs, no L-shape.

Accepted:  Clean, in good working order, and no missing parts.

  • Refrigeration Units
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Hood Systems
  • Slicers and Food Prep
  • Food Display Cases
  • Workstations

Not Accepted: 

Sinks, Faucets, Dishwashers


  • Interior / Exterior
  • Residential ONLY (8 ft. max.)
  • Sliding Glass (new only)
  • Thresholds and Weather stripping (new only)

Not Accepted: 

  • Doors with rot or damaged corners
  • Single sliding glass doors

Accepted:  New or gently used

  • Plugs, plates and wires
  • Breaker Boxes
  • Junction Boxes
  • Electrical Hardware

Accepted:  Must be 40 sq. ft.

  • Vinyl Tile / Sheet (new only)
  • Tile Marble / Slate (new only)
  • Hardwood (new only)


Not Accepted:

  • Area Rugs, unless NEW

Accepted:  Must be free of stains, no burn marks, no upholstery tears, no pet hair.

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom
  • Outdoor / Patio
  • Wood, Metal, Upholstered

Not Accepted: 

  • Floral Prints
  • Mattresses / Box Springs
  • Baby Furniture/Cribs/Strollers
  • Chip wood / Particle Board

Accepted:  Must be rust free.

  • Door, cabinet, and drawer hardware
  • Hinges, hangers, connectors
  • Unopened boxes of nails, screws, bolts

Not Accepted: 

  • Locks without keys

Accepted:  New ONLY.

  • Fiberglass, wrapped
  • Insulation board, min. 16 sq. ft.

Accepted: Must include all hardware and in working order.

  • Lamps: floor, table and desk
  • Chandeliers
  • Interior / Exterior fixtures
  • Unused bulbs

Not Accepted:  Fluorescent fixtures or ballasts with pcb’s


  • Dimensional, treated or non-treated (6 ft. min.)
  • Trim and Molding (5 ft. min.)
  • Sheet Goods: particle, press, plywood, OSB, paneling, etc. (1/2 sheet min.)
  • Floor Joists (12 ft. min.)
  • Porch Posts and Railings
  • Fencing

Not Accepted:  Lumber with nails, screws, staples, painted or stained, cracked, broken, or warped.  No scraps.


  • Unused paint brushes and paint supplies ONLY.

Not Accepted:  Paint

Accepted:  Neutral colors only with no chips, dents or rust.

  • Kitchen / Bathroom sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Toilets (1.6 gal. flush ONLY)
  • Shower enclosures (new only)
  • PVC / Copper Pipes
  • plumbing hardware

Not Accepted: 

  • Faucets
  • Colored toilets or tubs
  • Unframed glass or mirrors

Accepted:  All materials must be rust free

  • Corrugated roofing / standing seam
  • Shingles (new only, min. 100 sq. ft.)
  • Roofing Paper / Felt (1/2 roll min.)
  • Metal Sheeting / Flashing
  • Roof Coatings / Tar
  • Gutters / Soffets (min. 10 ft.)
  • Vinyl siding in new condition


  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools in working condition
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolding

Not Accepted:  Tools without safety guards


  • Complete Window Units (double pane only)
  • Screens
  • Shutters in good condition

Not Accepted: 

  • Window Blinds
  • Sashes

Accepted:  Must be in working order with no missing safety equipment or attachments.

  • Lawn Mowers
  • Shovels, Rakes, Tillers
  • Snow blowers
  • Snow Shovels
  • Miscellaneous Yard Tools

Visit our Donation Center

Do you need to make space for a new project, have leftover materials from a completed project, or just need a place to put your new furniture?  Don’t let you reusable items end up in the local landfill…bring it to our donation center.

  • Conveniently Located – Our ReStore offers easy access from Route 70, Route 38 and Route 130.
  • Hassle Free Facilities – Our donation dock can accommodate semi-trailers, moving trucks, and personal vehicles.
  • Off Load Assistance – Our team will offload your items…there’s no need to lift a finger.
  • Tax Deductible – Our donations team will provide an itemized donation receipt at the time of your donation.

For Donation Center Hours and Directions:

FREE Donation Pickup Service

Donating your new or gently used furniture, appliances, cabinets, yard equipment, building supplies and more to the ReStore is easy, reliable and tax deductible…all it takes is a call or online request and we’ll pick it up for FREE!

  • We love the big stuff!  We specialize in donations of furniture, appliances, and many other items too big to move yourself.
  • We’ll do the heavy lifting!  We will remove items from your home or garage (excluding attics or basements), so there’s no need to drag bulky items to the curb.
  • Easy and Convenient!  All you need to do to schedule your donation is give us a call or submit an online donation request and one of donation coordinators will schedule a date and pickup time frame for you. 

Call to Schedule Your Free Pickup:

(856) 486-0040

ReStore and Donation Center

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(856) 963-8018

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